Death of an icon…

knievel.jpgYes, an American icon has passed at the age of 69. Evel Knievel was a childhood hero of mine. This guy had the guts to do just about anything. I even had some of his toys, like the 12 inch character, the motorcycle and his traveling van that turned into a jump ramp. It was cool to try and re-enact some of his stunts. The best I did was jump 12 matchbox cars, and yes, he did crash and end up in the hospital with two broken ribs, a shattered femur and a loss of pride.

Anyway, you can read the full story here. Just wondering what son Robbie may to do to keep the Knievel franchise rolling on.


3 Responses

  1. He will be greatly missed and very much remembered. Check out the tribute “Evel Knievel: Daredevil for Christ” at my site – “Necessary Therapy”.

  2. No doubt Stef. We really were cut from the same cloth (including you being a Tar Heel Fan). When I was in grade school, I was Evil Kneivel for a “Walking Book Report”. My parents made the outfit out of stuff around the house. I still have the picture locked away somewhere. He was one of my early heroes. I once heard that he had broken every bone in his body except his thumb. That might have come from the internet and you know you can believe everything you read there, so it must have been true…

    Anyway, sad day indeed. He was looking pretty rough in those Able Roofing commercials recently though.

  3. I stumbled across your blog. I really enjoyed your posts. I remember as a child attempting the same stunts. Everyone I know had the Evil Knievel motorcycle with the EV doll. Thanks for stirring up good memories.

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