Overdue update on The Journey…

medical.jpgWell, Thanksgiving is over, everyone is all turkeyed out and I just realized that I have not given an update in quite some time. We had a really nice thanksgiving. It was relaxing and we got to see some family that we had not seen in awhile. I was able to put together a string of good days and probably overdid it a little and I am a little tired.

Anyway, we met with our oncologist and surgeon last week. Everyone on the medical team is very happy with the surgery results. We all know that I am not out of the woods yet, so I will keep battling. So here is the latest…

I will start chemo treatments again on December 17th. They are changing my chemo cocktail. We are removing Oxaliplatin and inserting Camptosar. Yep, I will start to look like a cancer patient as the hair loss will begin with this new drug. Yes, picture will follow at the appropriate time. So, i am psyching myself up for this next series of chemo treatments. It has been nice being not being on chemo, but I still have cancer and it needs to be destroyed. So, we are going to see if Camptosar will do the trick for me. One of the side affects of this drug is that my immune system will be compromised. Great, just when flu season hits, I am going to have an immune system that is shot. This should be fun!

The visit with the surgeon was good. I am healing nicely, be the incision still looks horrible to me. Maybe I am thinking it looks bad because its on me. The surgeon will follow me every six weeks for a couple months to get blood work done to check a tumor marker in the blood. After my next surgery (that will probably be in late April) the surgeon will continue to follow me every three months for either the remainder of my life or until I am cured.

Anyway, that is the quick update. Just waiting for chemo to start up again and get on with the battle again!!

Remember, I Refuse to Lose!!


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  1. I hope you don’t mind that I am following your journey. I am a friend of Janet Fleming and my husband (age 40) was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in February that had already metastisized to his liver. He is on Camptosar and it is good stuff. We’ve read a lot of studies that Jerry’s oncologist at Sloan Kettering have done using it. From what we’ve read it is the most effective chemo drug for colon cancer. It has the potential to keep the cancer from spreading to the liver. We’ve read a lot of studies that Jerry’s oncologinst at Sloan Kettering have done with it. He hasn’t had any problems with side effects not even hair loss.
    And it is so much better than oxaliplatin. That stuff was horrible to be on during the winter with the sensitivity to cold thing. Plus he still doesn’t have full feeling in his fingers and toes because of that drug. They are making such great gains with treating colon cancer and you are so fortunate that is has not spread. I am praying for you and your family

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