Just what I need, a syndrome…

Yep, I continue to be out of the norm in everything that has happened on this journey. I also continue to live in the single digit percentage world. Let me explain.

When the cancer was removed during my surgery, the tumors were sent to pathology for testing. Well, the testing came back abnormal. They are thinking that there may be some genetic issues involved here and the pathologists and genetics people think I may have Lynch Syndrome. Only three to four percent of all colon cancer cases are attributable to Lynch Syndrome. Yep, the hits just keep on coming in this journey that I am on.

In a nutshell, people with Lynch Syndrome are predisposed to get cancer, specifically colon cancer, and get it at a younger age. It also predisposes people to other types of cancer as well. So what may this mean for me. It is hereditary, so what may happen to my kids? Do we get them tested or do we just do very early prevention with them? After I beat colon cancer, will I have to battle liver cancer, stomach cancer, or any other type of cancer? Too much to wrap my head around right now. We have an appointment with the genetics department at Ohio State Medical Center in late January, so I am not going to worry about this until then.

I thought that you all should know about this so you can begin to pray that I do not have this and to pray for the kids. I do not want them to be predisposed to any disease. I kills me to even think that I may have passed something like this on to them. I know that I cannot control anything like this, but the mere thought of causing my kids any harm is a hard pill to swallow. So, pray that the kids are protected from this.

One other item of note. I have gotten a couple of questions regarding whether or not I still have stage IV cancer after my surgery. Yes, I still have stage IV colon cancer and will always have it. Surgery does not change the staging of cancer, it just removes the cancer, which is a great thing. I am also not cured yet. I still have cancer in my body and we cannot stop praying and we cannot stop fighting.

The journey continues…


9 Responses

  1. Stef,
    All I can say is that God knew you in your mother’s womb and He is the one that can heal you and if your children have this, heal them. I am still praying for you and your precious family. Peace to you just as Jesus brought us peace on earth.

  2. Jesus is bigger than cancer and bigger than genetics. Refuse the label no matter what the results of the tests are. These too can be lies. Keeping you, Sandi and the children in my prayers.

  3. Thanks for the update. We will definitely pray for the full healing of your body and that this will not be passed to the kids!! You also need to give us a review of any good movies you’ve seen while at home. I need some ideas! Love ya and Sandi!!

  4. Still praying. Still believing. He’s still reigning.
    Love to you and Sandi.
    (Friend of Sandi’s from chruch.)

  5. Wow! Kind of don;t know what to say…I will definitely be praying for you and your children. Will go do that right now with my youngest…

  6. Stef you and your family are in God’s hands. I know we have discussed genetic testing before. It is a big decision to make and not to make it alone or to quick. In my case it is to help solve a mystery. We should start a group the “small percentage group”. Gotta laugh…humor is one way the Lord has taught my family how to heal. I feel that by doing the test I can maybe help the next generation, my kids, nieces, nephews, cousins. The last thing any parent wants is to know that they have caused harm to their child. I think about it. On the other hand what if I don’t have it done?Then am I still harming my child for not being proactive? For me, I decided that testing and prevention was the best way. I prepare myself for the information then as they say “I will cross that bridge when I get there.” One baby step at a time. So words to both of us that mom always told me, “Mary, the one thing the Lord tells us the most is ‘Do not be afraid’ for He is with us and walked the path before us.” So whatever the news they give me I am victorious because Jesus is the King and my Savior!! Praying for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance for you, your wife, your kids, and all the medical staff surrounding all of you.

  7. Kendra and I are praying for you each day with the boys. Thank you for posting this so we know how to pray better for you and your family! Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is’stayed on thee ; because he trusteth in thee. Is. 26:3

  8. Thanks for the updates. We’ll pray that you don’t have the syndrome.

  9. We are keeping you in prayer and still trusting and believing for complete healing and health for your entire family!
    May the Lord give you an abundance of grace and peace as you walk through this valley, and may you feel His presence very near. He loves you all Stef , He truly does.
    Blessings, love and rest to you in Jesus!


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