It’s a great day!!!

It has been a great day today. First, I woke up this morning and am feeling very good. This is the first morning in about a week and a half that I woke up feeling good. Not much pain or nausea and that works for me!! Second, the kids were off school, so we took advantage of some things that we do not do very often. The day started with breakfast at First Watch. After feasting on sausage omelets, pancakes, eggs and bacon, and some very delicious hot chocolate, it was off to the movies with the kids and some friends. We saw the Bee Movie (review in previous post).

After the movie, the kids’ friends came over to play for awhile. Raking leaves and playing Play Station were the top things to do. In a little while, the boys and I are going to Game Stop to pick up a couple new video games.

It was nice to feel a little more normal today and actually have some sustained energy to enjoy the family. Yes, it was a great day!!


3 Responses

  1. Stef— It’s Thanksgiving morning and things are rather calm in the house so I thought I would just send you a small note to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for your rapid recovery from your recent surgery, and complete cure of your cancer. Times are intense but God is there in the middle of the storm. It’s kind of like learning to be Peter, stepping out of the boat and knowing that God will not let you sink. The path to Peace is thru Faith in Him. Enjoy each and every moment of your day. Jerry

  2. Stef, I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better!!!! I pray you and your family will have the most blessed Thanksgiving you’ve ever had.

  3. Great news man. Praise the Lord for a little daylight in the journey.

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