Bee Movie Review

beemovie.jpgThe kids are off school today, so a movie was in order! We went to see the Bee Movie. Not a bad movie. As with most animated movies there are elements for both the kids and grown ups. WARNING: reading this post will give the movie away, just letting you know.

The movie is about Barry B. Benson and his lack of career choices in the hive. One day, he ventures out of the hive with a patrol of Pollen Jockeys and discovers the world. I the bee world, one of the main rules is not to talk to humans. Barry breaks this rule and befriends a human named Vanessa Bloome, who is the owner of a flower shop. During his time out of the hive, Barry discovers that the humans are stealing honey from bees and selling it in stores. This outrages Barry and he sues the human race for this. He ends up winning the law suit and all the honey in the world comes back to the bees.

Well, the bees no longer have to work due to their never ending supply of honey. However, this has consequences. Since the bees are no longer working, the flowers in New York start to die due to the bees no longer helping with pollination process. In the end, Barry, with help from Vanessa, save the day by finding the last flowers on earth at the Tournament of Roses Parade. Barry and his hive mates then begin to spread pollen around New York and all is well.

Lessons that can be taken from the movie are that actions have consequences, there is a balance with humans and nature, and teamwork is better than going it alone. All in all, it was a cute movie and it kept the kids entertained (which is a big plus in our book). I would give the movie and A-.


2 Responses

  1. I was all set to go with Heather and the kids yesterday too, then I got elbows deep in a mess at work and missed the movie! I was so disappointed. I did hook up with them afterwards for a little chipolte which helped. They loved it. The funny thing is that Seinfeld was known as the “show about nothing”. On the way home I asked Austin what the movie was about and he said….appropriately…”nothing really”.

  2. Man, we loved it. We even went and saw it for a second time last night.

    What’s the minus part on your grade for? I had it at an A+

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