Well, we came home today.  We are excited to be home, but there is also a little nervousness there.  We as a family are so excited for Stef to be home.  I know the house with three small children and a crazy dog won’t be nearly as quiet and stess-free as the hospital, but hopefully being around family and having the comforts of home will start Stef on the road to recovery.  Thanks to everyone who prayed for us.  Also, before too long, Stef will probably resume the blog, so you will be able to read his creative style once again.  I’m sure you all missed it.  Thanks for all the well-wishes and all your concern.  We have truly felt it.  Sandi.


9 Responses

  1. Welcome home Stef!

  2. SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS! I am so glad that the kids get to have their daddy back! And that he is home… well wishes to all till we see you at thanksgiving hopefully! LOVE YOU GUYS! continuing to pray everyday! ♥ kels

  3. No matter how “chaotic” the home would be in comparison to the hospital environment, that’s where he needs to and wants to be. God bless.

  4. Huraah Stef is home.
    He is that youtube site I was telling you abhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrYRY6kout

  5. So glad that your home Stef, nothing in the world like your own home and especially your own bed!!!! Continue to pray for your recovery. If at all possible, could you post your address, I would like to send a card, thanks! God bless you on a speedy recovery.

  6. Welcome home!
    Thank you Sandi for keeping us all informed how Stef is doing. You write well; perhaps you might consider writing a blog yourself one of these days! 🙂

    May the Lord bless you all and bring swift healing in His wings.

    Jesus love and grace to you,


  7. Welcome home, Stef – we have been and continue to pray for you here, and throughout our church.


  8. Welcome home, Stef. Be washed in the love of your wife and kids. Continuing to pray, brother.


  9. I think a crazy dog would be a good thing about now. I was happy to see my crazy dog when I was incapacitated earlier this year. No wrestling just yet, though. We pray for you at least daily and often more because God keeps bringing you into our minds.

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