WooHoo, I am on a two month vacation!!!

Well, that is one way of looking at it. Today was my last day of work before I have surgery this Friday. It was different today at work. I tied up loose ends, finalized some plans with the staff that will be doing my job for me, and then I started making the rounds. I went through the department saying goodbye to everyone. It was just weird. One of my cohorts in crime at the office told me that this was not goodbye, but just a see you later deal. He is correct. So, I said goodbye and wished everyone a happy halloween and happy thanksgiving. That was kinda weird also, but kinda fun to do that so early.

Anyway, less than thirty six hours until cut time. I am doing great. I have strength and my mental status is strong right now. I am feeling the prayers and grace of God. I am ready to do battle on Friday and the days thereafter!!

Here are some things that you can pray for on Friday;

1. Pray that I will be a witness and beacon for God with the many people I will come in contact with during my stay at the James.
2. Pray for Sandi and that Friday will go fast for her and that she will feel the grace of God all around her.
3. Pray for my surgical team and that they will perform flawlessly that day.
4. Pray for Stef, that he will come out of the surgery well and that recovery will go well.
5. Pray for the miracle that we will hear the words “We were able to get 100% of the cancer out”!!!

So, it is just a waiting game. I “prep” for surgery tomorrow and that will be fun….NOT!!! Friday is coming, baby, so buckle up, here we go!!!

On the journey and refusing to lose!!!


6 Responses

  1. continuing to pray for you…

  2. you are and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!!

  3. Your strength, confidence and trust in our Lord is a REAL blessing to me, Stef. “Refuse to lose!”…love that!

  4. Stef, you have my promised prayers especially on Friday beaming right up to God and back down to you and your family. I will be a warrior for you and your family.

  5. I will continue to pray for you and your beautiful family today and through out the weekend. Have Sandi update us if she can this weekend. thanks

  6. Our family is praying for you all.

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