The Sunrise…

sunrise.jpgThis past weekend, Derek had a soccer tournament. One of his games was at 9am in a city an hour away. So, we had to get up early and hit the road. When we started our little trip, it was dark. Then the sun started to gradually creep up over the horizon. I get up early everyday, but never really see the sun rise. It was beautiful!

Then my thoughts began to drift toward God and His creation. Then it hit me as I was watching the sun rise before me. Is the sun rising every day a reminder for us that the Son rose and is alive today?

Think about it!


9 Responses

  1. Great thought, Stef. Love that!

  2. We should all take more time to think this one over, daily.

  3. Stef,
    Thanks for the continued positive thoughts…you amaze me The sun rise is a beautiful reminder that each day we are given a gift; the time to spend with our loved ones and to celebrate the life the Lord has given us. As you go through your days toward surgery, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually.

  4. The other day when I got up to go to school I went outside and I saw a complete rainbow arched across the sky. It was beautiful. Great Thoughts!

  5. Stef,
    I’m so glad you had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of that sunrise with your family. I love sunrises and sunsets! The other day, here in good ol’ Mercer County I saw a fantastic view near sunset … I wish I could have gotten a picture to share, but it changes so fast. I wasn’t quite home yet, so I tried to have the kids here at home get my cam and snap a shot …. but you know what … I don’t think it looked the same here as it did a mile away!
    The sky was somewhat overcast … but there was a hole in the clouds, and the setting sun was throwing it’s gleaming rays up through that hole … since I was driving I could only grab a quick glimpse of it …. but it was a glorious site!

  6. Stef,
    Hey, you should see the sunrises and sunsets that we get out here in Las Vegas, now those are by far the most beautiful that i EVER seen in my life!! My eight year old is even amazed by them and you know how much kids love anything about the weather! haha You have such a great outlook on life. Since my sister had her cancer, she says that she looks at life and things very different now, instead of the glass being half empty, she views it as being half full now. She has a way different outlook on life and all of us should be that way, not just because of stupid cancer but because life is a gift! Keeping you in our prayers through the week. Your doctors im sure are awesome but remember, you have the GREAT PHYSICIAN in that operating room with you!!!

  7. miles de puestas de sol juntos…miles de besos…millones…

  8. necesito tu sonrisa…

  9. […] spend some time hearing stories about him. Those of you that follow Stef’s blog will remember this post from earlier this week where he talked about a sunrise. His mom told me today about the day that […]

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