The Family…

Many of you have asked for a picture of our family to put on the fridge or in your pray books, etc, as a reminder of who you are praying for. Next to God, the family in this picture is more important to me than ANYTHING on this earth. My family is my rock, my safe haven, my energy, my strength. I would go to the ends of this world for them and not think twice about it. So, here is a picture of my family. Thank you for continuing to pray for ALL of us.



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  1. Stef, I always remember you in my prayers. I’m praying that God will give you a long life into old age. I’m praying that your upcoming surgery will remove all of the cancer. I’m praying for people to surround your wife and family during and after the surgery. Last night I carried you on your sick mat and dropped you through the ceiling to get to Jesus. I remembered the verse where the one sick man asked Jesus to heal him if he was willing and Jesus said I am willing! What a great God we serve. I’m praying that same prayer for you. Jesus please heal my friend Stef. I’m trusting that he is still willing.

    Love you bro! John

  2. thanks for the pic…what a beautiful family…you really lucked out in the wife department….
    as always you are in my prayers

  3. Great picture man! Thanks for giving us something to visualize as we hold you guys up!!

  4. “I would go to the ends of this world for them and not think twice about it.”
    God is working this in you right now, my friend. We are praying for you and your beautiful family.

  5. You have a beautiful family. Great picture. I’ll be praying for you and your family.

  6. Great pic,I know the place where that was taken.I also have 2 boys a girl and a beautiful wife.Our prayers are with you and your family.

  7. GREAT pic…Sandy looks beautiful as ever. As for the kids…Thank God they look like their mother!!! HAH!

    Stay strong this week…I’ll be praying and fasting on Friday. That will be no easy task…I ment the fasting part!

    Refuse to Loose..I’m with ya! Love Ya Bro, Steve

  8. Stef – God will calm the sailor my friend. We are praying for you and the family every moment you cross hearts (which is quite often). We know the great physician is in total control and holds you, Sandi and this precious little ones in this picture in his care.

    Refuse to Loose and BELIEVE! Love you guys.

  9. We serve an Almighty and Allpowerful God, who loves you and knows you intimately. May He continue to be with you and your family every step on this journey.
    In Christ’s love~~

  10. We love you guys so much and thank God those kids take after Sandi!! Just kidding!! I hope you have felt the prayers of many going up the the Father and greatest physician we know. I am getting your movie list ready for you- hope you like to cry! Jen

  11. I am a good friend of Kelly Graf and my prayers have been with you since the beginning. I work at the Martha Morehouse(part of the James) in out-patient chemotherapy so I have a good idea of what you are going through. May God keep you and bless you and your precious family.
    In God’s Grace—

  12. Stef, you and your beautiful family remain in my prayers. In fact, you’ve got a lot folks in Texas praying for you, bro.

  13. uncle stef,
    you guys look great! little carly is getting so big! derek and justin are too! you guys look absolutely beautiful. praying for you guys! love, kelsey

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