AAAHHHHH!!!!! They won’t go away….

Yes, it is now day eight of the battle with the hiccups.  This is soooooo stupid.  I am on my second prescription to ward these things off.  Last night, I battled them from 8pm to 3am with no relief.  I know that this sounds petty, because I know of many other people that are dealing with things much large than these hiccups, but I am going stir crazy!!  My fear is that my CT scan, this Friday, may get “messed up” due to these hiccups.  I am VERY excited to get my CT scan this Friday and am VERY optimistic that the chemo treatments are working and that the tumor is shrinking.

Well, enough ranting from the insane man, here.  Let’s look at the bright side, I will probably have abs of steel after these hiccups are gone!!

PS- drinking upside down from a glass doesn’t work.  Neither does a spoon full of sugar.  Curse you, Mary Poppins!!!


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  1. Curses! I thought for sure when I told Sandi about the spoon full of sugar it would work! It worked when I was a kid. I’ve got the fillings to prove it. It’s not recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists but what do they know. Man that stinks. Praying for you and for the CT scan on Friday brother.

  2. Did you try the pressure point thing in my previous comment for your hiccups. It seriously works. I’ve done it and it’s worked for other people when nothing else will work. It’s worth a shot.

  3. ah…thats crazy…I cant wait to hear about the scan…

    and poppins rules

  4. Bummer about the drinking upside down thing. Those hiccups must be “industrial strength”! I don’t think much of the “scaring them out of you” method. Besides, if it did, and you had all your friends jumping out of closets at you yelling, “Boo!” you might exchange the hiccups for a nervous twitch, and then where would you be?

  5. I read somewhere that methylcellulose is good to treat hiccups that can’t be treated by anything else. I don’t know where you get it, probably call your pharmacist, but it’s not a chemical, just a form of bulk-producing fiber. You have to mix it with water but it has worked for some cases of really stubborn hiccups. It’s worth a try. Good luck and I am still praying!!

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your hiccups! That has to be one more annoyance added on to your situation. Your story reminded me of this 15 year old girl I saw on the Today show earlier this year. Here are some videos of her story…maybe she would have some suggestions for you!

    After 38 days, they stopped…

    Still praying for you & your family! Keep your chin up!


  7. Hang in there!

    Interesting way Gods distracting you. 🙂

  8. Hi Stefan!

    Years ago someone told me to drink a shot of lime juice to instantly cure the hiccups. This has been my no fail rememdy ever since. Good Luck!

  9. BOO!!!

    Did that work? 😉

    Can’t wait to hear about the CT scan. Praying for you, Stef.

  10. Maybe everytime you hiccup, someone is saying a prayer for you. Or maybe it is God reminding you that he is CONSTANTLY with you. (just trying to put a positive spin on it…)

  11. Okay you got me curious so I looked up hiccups in Eric’s Merck Manual. Warning big words.

    Hiccup ; Singultus

    Repeated involuntary spasm of the diaphragm, followed by sudden closure of the glottis, which checks the inflow of air and produces the characteristic sound.

    Etiology: Hiccups follow irritation of afferent or efferent nerves or of medullary centers that control the respiratory muscles, particularly the diaphragm. Yadad Yadada….
    Treatment: …inhibiting diaphragmatic activity by a series of deep breath-holdings or by rebreathing deeply into a paper bag, Vagal stimulation may work:drinking a glass of water rapidly, swallowing dry bread, or crushed ice, inducing vomiting, or applying traction to the tongue or pressure on the eyeballs. Yadadyadad….. successful treatment with drugs is often elusive.

    So, how about Sandi put pressure on your eyeballs and let one of the kids pull on your tongue. which might induce the vomiting. Might make for a good family picture.

  12. Ahhh Stef, here’s an old Polish cure for your hiccups passed onto me by my old Granndpa Daskiewicz. Sit in a nice bathtub filled with water at 103 degrees and fart to the tune of God Bless America while listening to Kate Smith belt out the tune from her famous 1942 rendition while at the same time scratching your left armpit with a scrubby from Jimmy’s thrift shop. If you are farting along with the song, when she hits the high C at the end of the song your diaphragm should go into terminal spastic paralysis causing you to either blackout and drown in the tub or cause you to upchuck your stomach. In either case, at this point your hiccups will be gone or you won’t care about them anyway. Try it and let us all know what happens.

  13. PLEASE look at it if you havn’t already.
    We don’t really know eachother, but we’ve passed within the halls from time to time.
    Most call me “Cowboy”. I take care of the film processors for Childrens.
    I would encourage all to look at this site and take it to heart. There is always HOPE!
    My family knows (personally) of 2 woman whom were CURED of there cancers. One woman was given 6 months to live……That was 6+ years ago, and they still can not find her cancer. You have my e-mail address if you’d like to talk further.
    God Bless you and your family in this difficult time.
    “With GOD, all things are possible.”

  14. I am telling you the Today show is looking better and better! Sorry to hear they are still hanging on! We know all things work together for good- even hiccups! We will be praying that the CT scan is fabulous! God bless- Jen

  15. This works for my wife and I: take a match, light it, let it burn a couple seconds and dip in a small cup of water. Now drink the water. The sulfur from the match does something to stop the hiccups. If my wife has bad ones, which she can, we use two matches. Has worked every time!

  16. Hey Stef,
    Sorry we didn’t see you on campus today. There was dry bread (hamburger buns) and crushed ice (snow cones)…
    I’d suggest you call Poison Control before you try the burnt match thing 😛

  17. Hey Cuz
    This is our great grandmothers { Big Yiayia } remedy . Take a cheese cloth put it over a glass of water and drink. Sounds simple enough . I works for me .

  18. […] to tell you… 18 10 2008 Remember this post.  Yep, they’re baaaaack…  I am in day six in my battle with the hiccups again.  This […]

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