The James Visit #2 – The Surgeon

I am sitting here in the chemo treatment room getting round four of my chemo regimen, and thought to myself that I did not update you on our second visit to the James. Tuesday, Sandi and I met with a surgeon at the James. He is a top surgeon at the James and is very aggressive in his approach to surgery. At first, our meeting was not going the direction I had hoped. He kept questioning Sandi and I on a number of things. He asked two times why we wanted to see him. Come on, I want surgery to get these stupid tumors out!! Why else would I be there having a surgical consult. What finally hit me was that he was “testing” Sandi and I. He really wanted to see if we were up for surgery and what our attitude was toward aggressive treatments. After he realized that Sandi and I were wanting the surgery and we understood the aggressive nature of it, he went to town with explanations of what would happen.

So, here is the scoop. He is going to cut me in late October. Big incision coming and he will then just look around inside of me and do a little exploring to see where the cancer really is. He is going to take the primary tumor out of the colon and will also take as much of my colon as he deems necessary. He is also going to take out the omentum. He also noted that if he sees cancer anywhere else, he is going to remove it. After he is done with taking out my guts, he is going to bathe the remaining organs in direct chemo. This will help fight any remaining cancer that he cannot remove.

I have done a little reading and the recovery from this will not be fun at all. Who cares. I get the cancer, or at least, most of it, OUT of my body. That can only be a good thing. Here is the fun part. I get to go through this again in four to six months!! Yep, he does a follow up surgery to clean out any more cancer that may have come back and he will do another chemo wash of my organs.

So that is the latest from the James.


5 Responses

  1. Steph,
    Sounds radical, but I can agree with you that it will help!

  2. Hey Cuz,
    Wow… Just to know that he’s getting the cancer OUT has to be some peace of mind.Your in my prayers every day . Love ya

  3. wow…
    I am so sorry you have to endure this, it doesn’t sound fun at all. 😦
    But we are praying, and I know the Lord is with you and Sandi every step of the way.
    Much grace and strength to you in Jesus name and healing!


  4. Hey stef, i know that the chemo and surgery is rough but my my sister just went through it all with breast cancer. She had MANY obsticles in her way but she got through it. She also had radical surgery (masectomy) and intense chemo. Hers did spread into her lymph nodes, which made things all the harder for her. Praise God she is doing well now, she is even administering chemo drugs to patients at her office where she works, she is a chemo nurse. She wasnt sure that she would live to see her 46 birthday but were all so thankful that she is going to be 49 in december. God is good!! Do whaterver it takes to get yourself healed. Alot of people are standing in the gap for you and lifting you and your family up. Thanks for keeping so up to date on your blog, it really keeps people informed well. God bless you.

  5. I can’t read your updates with out crying. My heart and prayers are all yours. If there is anyway your blogging friends can help please let us know.

    Your brother in Christ,

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