Anatomy of my chemo visit…

So, still sitting here in the chemo treatment room. Surrounded by fellow cancer friends and great chemo nurses. The staff here is fantastic! I really like them and they help pass the time. I am being treat by a great oncologist at Columbus Oncology and Hematology Associates. Instead of just sitting here, I thought I would walk you through my treatment today. So here we go (fyi – this will not be exciting).

9:00am – Arrive at the office.

9:10am – Routine blood draw. They do this every time to ensure my blood counts are where they need to be so I can get my treatment that day.

9:30am – Go back to exam room and get vital signs taken and get weighed. Maintained my weight from last time!!

9:45am – Talk with my oncologist. We discuss my upcoming surgery. We also talk about my bad days after chemo and how we can improve my comfort during those days.

10:30am – Initial stick! The IV fluid is flowing. Just some saline right now.

10:45am – They hang bags of decadron and aloxi. These will help with nausea over the nest few days.

10:55am – Here comes the good stuff. My chemo drugs are now on board. They hang bags of oxaliplatin and leucovorin. Now it’s a waiting game. A two hour drip of extremely toxic chemicals coursing through my veins!!

11:30am – Bored. Sandi left a little while ago to run and errand and get some lunch. Hope she calls me. I am getting hungry!!

12:15pm – Still bored. Yeah, Sandi called and is getting my something from Panera!!! Sweet!

12:40pm – Yes, food has arrived.

1:05pm – Done with the heavy stuff.  Doing a push of 5-FU.

1:10pm – Out the door.  Going home to get hooked up to my chemo pump!

2:30pm – Stuck again and am now hooked up to my chemo pump for the next 46 hours.  Yes, 46 hours, not 48 hours.  Not sure why, but I don’t care.  I am not a big fan of this pump and the sooner I can get off it the better.

So, that was my day.  Yippy!!!


8 Responses

  1. What did you get from Panera?

  2. Ah, Panera! I love Panera. I got a Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich and some chips and an iced tea. It was a beautiful lunch!!

  3. Dude. You’re incredible. Keep keepin’ it real man.

    Prayers are abundant!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Now we’ve got a better picture of what goes on.

    How about I give your wife a break and bring you lunch next time? What if I bring Cameron Mitchell?

  5. Stef –
    Keep pressing through, and we’ll keep praying that this stuff, combined with surgery and our combined faith will not just give you a few years .. but a life of abundance!


  6. Clay, did I read Cameron Mitchell?? HHMM……. 🙂

  7. Stef, I am in absolute Aww of you right now. I mean I know your going through a great battle, (the greatest of your life!) and battling the greatest of emotions, but you are a very very strong person! What your going through with your chemo treatments (on top of everything else) I don’t think I could find the strength to fight it. God is with you. I can see it through your words. I am praying Stef for a remission. I hope and pray that the chemo and surgery will do it’s job. I would like to come and visit you sometime. I don’t know if your back at work or not. I don’t know if you would like many visitors at the hospital. Sandi is a strong woman too. She has to be strong for you, your children, and herself! God be with you guys and to give you guys everything it takes to make it through this; both mentally and physically.

  8. What to say… Thank you. Thank you for sharing, continuing to walk, to sit, to type, to be. The thought of bringing you lunch popped into my mind too… Cameron Mitchell though, just can’t top that. Always know you’re not alone.

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