The thin man needs some more thinning…

syring.gifMonday, I woke up and a vein on top of my left foot was swollen and hardening. It was painful and it just didn’t seem right. I had a vascular study done and they found some superficial blood clots in my foot, lower leg, and arm. Great, just what I needed. Something else to worry about. These are not serious, but these need to be addressed.

So, the thinning man needs his blood thinned. So, my oncologist puts me on coumadin and lovenox. The coumadin is ok to take, as it is a pill. I am not a big fan of the lovenox for two reasons. First, it is an injection and second, it REALLY stings. Sandi has had the pleasure of stabbing me in the gut with needles the last few days and for the next few coming days. I am sure she is having a good time with this !!!

So, I get blood drawn every few days until I get my blood regulated and now coumadin is a way of life. Great!!!


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  1. … and expect also a spiritual blood transfusion that will perfect everything in your blood and every part of your body it nourishes. It’s already happening.

  2. I checked back and wanted to know you are in our daily prayers.
    May the good days outweigh the bad.
    May Jesus lay his hand on you and heal you and strengthen .

    Lord, look upon me with eyes of mercy, may your healing hand rest upon me, may your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of my body and into the depths of my soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring me to wholeness and strength for service in your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Christ be with me, Christ within me,
    Christ behind me, Christ before me,
    Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
    Christ to comfort and restore me,
    Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
    Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
    Christ in hearts of all that love me,
    Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

  3. Be Strong! Me and my family pray for you every night Stef. Please remember at (around) 9:30pm every night, we’re sending them up!


  4. Stef,

    I don’t know what to say? I sat and cried tonight just thinking about what you and your family is going through… If I could do anything for you let me know…

    (Hey I will even let you beat me in basketball now :0)

    I guess we were at the beach the same time again this year… We should have hooked up again. You will always be in my prayers, and I love ya man…


  5. Okay, so I just gave myself my weekly stomach shot too, and I don’t like it either. Get an ice bag and ice the area for a few minutes to numb the area. I think it really helps. I know everyone is different when it comes to their shots. Some like it quick to get it over with, but I do mine myself so I can control the speed of the injection. For me, the slower the better & the less pain/stinging involved. The ice also helps with an reaction (swelling/itching) to the shot site.

  6. Hi Stefan,

    Letting you know I’ve joined the prayer team. I’ve got you “bookmarked”. 🙂 Thanks for blogging, it gives us direction for our prayers.

  7. Hi Stef,
    I come across your site via word of mouth by Beth O’Brien from SCA. I wanted to check it out and see what was up on your end. All I can say is after reading your blog, I can see that God has truly blessed your life with so many friends and a wonderful family. You are truly blessed.
    My prayers are with you, your family and I pray that the cancer will be cured. Stay optimistic and stay strong. And most of all remember… God never gives us more than we can handle.
    Just wanted to drop ya a line to let ya know I was thinking of ya and praying for your famiky. Take Care!

    Your former Classmate,
    SCA Class of 1988

  8. hey brother,
    thinking of you and praying for you. You’ve got to share some love on the dog front.

  9. Someone passed this on to me today, so I thought it would be good to keep passing it:

    If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
    Happy moments, praise God.
    Difficult moments, seek God
    Quiet moments, worship God.
    Painful moments, trust God
    Every moment, thank God.

    Don’t know who to credit this thought, but it is very “to the point!”

    Paul & Jackie Wetzel

  10. Stef,

    My thoughts & prayers are with you and the family. If you need anything we are here.


  11. Hey Stef –

    I’ve been following your blog since I heard the news. I saw the Chief yesterday – he was glad to have had lunch with you last week.

    You and the family are daily in my thoughts and prayers.


  12. Pray every morning, and I have my Mayberry group (Bible
    Study) also praying. You’re on the top of the “IN” basket.

    Steve Ulrey

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