Chemo – take #2…

iv_bag.jpgHow pathetic am I. I go into round three of my chemo treatments this coming Tuesday and I never updated you on round two. Let’s just blame it on the toxic chemicals coursing through my veins. I am sure they are killing off a few brain cells also!!

Anyway, round two started out as round one. Tuesday and Wednesday were good days. I was dreading Thursday, base on round one experience. Thursday comes and WHAT!! I was fine. Not a stellar day, but Thursday was ok. Friday hit me. I did manage some time at work, but Friday and Saturday were the bad days this time. I did manage to get to Derek’s soccer tournament on Saturday, however. I was NOT going to miss that. Sunday was a recuperation day. Monday, of my off chemo week, came and I was back to work and doing ok. I got really tired on Monday night and was sleeping by 8pm if I recall. Then the rest of the week came and I FELT GREAT!! Wednesday through today, I actually felt like a real human being. God gets ALL of the glory for this!!! I am thankful that He has allowed me to have some great days this week.

Also, on Tuesday night, Sandi and I talked with a nutritionist who works only with cancer patients. It was a great meeting. I say that because she wants me to eat five to six meals a day and get at least 2600 to 3000 calories a day!! How cool is that. Extra cheese on everything. Dipping my veggies in ranch all the time. Eating an apple WITH caramel dip!! I really wish I knew about this diet a few years ago. Well, a few years ago, I was not losing 20+ pounds in a matter of weeks.

Anyway, I was able to tolerate round #2 better then round #1. Please continue to pray for us as we continue the journey. For this coming week, pray for continued strength, especially mental strength for me. My chemo weeks are hard enough physically on the bad days, but the mental war is also difficult.

Thanks for visiting and praying!!!


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  1. Want me to come up to Columbus and take you out for ice cream? I’m sure I can help you pack on a few calories.

    You and your family are in our prayers, my friend. I’m going to be in Columbus september 20 & 21 for an FEI event. I’ll drop you a line and see if you’re up for a visit around that time.

  2. dude you are alwayss in my prayers. Wish I could come out there as well

  3. I’ll pray as diligently as a dog guarding a bone. You and Sandi are in my thoughts. Even though we’ve never met. Expect the strength. Expect everything you need to become stronger than you were before this even started.

  4. Just want you to know that I pray for you often, sometimes the Holy Spirit brings you to my mind and I will pray for you randomly during the day. I am like Hope above I have never met you but you and your family are in my prayers everyday. We continue to beleive for a complete healing in Jesus name!!!

  5. My heart leaps every time I hear of God’s blessings and miracles playing out in your life! Stay focused and strong! Eating healthy is important – I heard raspberries and strawberries were exceptionally good for you and wash them down with green tea!! We have been encouraged and motivated by your story and now look at life from a more unselfish perspective! There is no greater joy than watching God work in your life and demonstrate His Awesome power! It’s all about HIM!! We will keep on praying fervently for complete healing!!

  6. Praying for you and your family everyday, Stef. What a tremendous example and testimony of faith you are.

  7. Uncle Stef, I will-and the whole family- will continue to pray for you and Aunt Sandi, and the kids as well! I am SO glad that you were feeling good for a few days! If you EVER need anything… please let us know. I love you guys so much!
    Love Always,

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