A significant day…

This is a good day for a few reasons. Today marks the one month anniversary of my official diagnosis. It is also a great day because for the first time in a month, I actually felt like a normal person!! I had energy. I am eating well. I had little to no abdomen/pelvic discomfort!!

It has been a trying month for sure, but Sandi and I continue to plow through this journey with God leading the way. We have been way too overwhelmed with the prayer support that we have received. We are humbled and thankful for everyone who has come up along side of us in the journey.

So, yes, today was a significant day and I just wanted you to know.


4 Responses

  1. woot! fantastic. God is good my friend

  2. Weare continuing to pray for you and your family and think about you all the time. Following is a little prayer that has been a favorite of mine…. We pray it daily for you.

    Lord, be our guide and our protector on the journey ahead of us. Watch over us and preserve us from all harm to body and soul.
    Lord, support us with your grace when we are tired. Help us to be patient in any trouble that might come our way.
    Keep us always mindful of Your presence and love. Amen

    Much Love.

  3. Stefan,

    It was a fast month! But God is still with you and always will be!!

    You have done amazingly well and we will all continue to pray for you……and for Sandi..

  4. Stefan,
    Sending our prayers to you and appreciate you blogging so we can pray with greater awareness. Holding on the the hands of the Savior with you…

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