My Wife Rocks – Part 2

img_9343-2.jpgI am not sure where I would be right now without Sandi. Since our journey began a few weeks ago, I have seen sides of Sandi that I have not seen before. Those that know her, know she is a strong woman. I know she is a strong woman, but to see her walk beside me through this is so incredible.

She is facing this journey head on and has been so incredibly positive about this, it boggles my mind. She has prayed with me and for me. She has stood by my side during the initial diagnosis, she was there when we had to share the news with dear friends at work and at church. She is there during every mind-numbingly long chemo treatment. She is there during my bad days making me more comfortable. She is there during my good days, making sure I conserve energy and don’t over do it.

How easy would it be to feel bad for herself. How easy would it be to complain about having to run the house and take care of her husband. Not once have I ever heard her say a negative word through all of this. She has been unstoppable.

Sandi, I love you and I know that this journey is one that we are taking together. Know that I will never take you for granted and that I appreciate EVERYTHING you are doing for me and for our family.

For my readers, please continue to pray for us, but say a prayer for my wife as well. She needs it as much as I do!


9 Responses

  1. Sandi is obviously a wife who is your crown of glory. I’ll pray for your both.

  2. Praying for you and your wife, bro. Thinking about this makes me realize how blessed I am to have my wife as well. She is my earthly rock.

    God’ peace on you and Sandi.

  3. Awesome Stef. Praying for you both!

  4. She’s lucky that she has someone that understands how important she is.

    Don’t forget to tell her that either. She’s a great person and she needs to know it!

  5. Everyone should take the time and Thank their spouse but it isn’t always done. You two are an awesome example of what a marriage really should be and the love between you two is truly a blessing. I have taken so much from your blog and everyday my eyes are opened and for that I Thank You!

  6. you’ve got a great life partner. It is amazing to see you handle the toughest of situations step-in-step. Your faith & love is an example to us all.

  7. Your wife does rock and so do you, Stef. Thanks for sharing with us. I’m a regular on the “Stef’s Random Ramblings” now. God brings you to mind so often. Hugs!

  8. That is awesome. Prayin for you…

  9. your wife is amazing man…thank God for her…Thank God for women in general.

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