Disney Day 3 & 4

Some more of our escape to Disney. Day three was the Animal Kingdom. Keeping in mind that the temps all week were about 97 degrees and a heat index of 106-108. Just an FYI, the Magic Kingdom is built for comfort, the Animal Kingdom, not so much. It was HOT and not many opportunities for comfort. However, we did not allow that to ruin our day. These are the attractions we hit on Day three:

It’s tough to be a Bug

Festival of the Lion King

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Expedition Everest

TriceraTop Spin

Again, the attractions in bold were my favorites. Now let’s talk about adventurous five year olds and non-informed dads. Derek wants to ride a roller coaster and I am feeling up for it also. So we, along with Kristen and J, head off to Expedition Everest. We measure J and what do you know, he is tall enough to ride. So we get on the coaster and he is all smiles and so is Derek. Being the non-informed dad, I assume it is a straight forward up and down coaster. WRONG!!! Keep in mind, this is J’s very first coaster ride ever!!

So we start and go up a small hill, down and around a small curve and come to a stop at a dead end. We sit there for about 10-15 seconds. I am trying to think about what this thing is going to do and J is starting to get nervous. Well, we start flying BACKWARDS into DARKNESS for about 15 seconds. J is starting to freak out. I am really feeling bad at this point, but still enjoying the ride myself. We come to another stop in a cave and there is an animated Yetti on the wall tearing up some tracks. We start moving again and then start going up a larger hill. J is really freaking out because he understands the concept of things that go up, must come down. Anyway, we get off the ride and the poor guy is in tears. I begin to help him recover from this ordeal. I tell him that was the scariest ride in the park and that he rocked it and other things like that. After a minute or two, he was fine and proud that he accomplished that ride!! Whew…..

Some friends of ours know a person who is a Mickey at Disney. That person calls us on Monday night and tells us they heard about our situation and told us they were working on something for our family. Later that night, we get another call and check this out. They told us that we were going to be in the Animal Kingdom Parade on Wednesday afternoon!!! How cool is that, we were in a Disney parade and it ROCKED!!! You can see some of the pics in the video below.

Day four saw us back at the Animal Kingdom for a character breakfast. We ate some great food and saw Pluto, Goofy, Mickey and Donald. The boys really like it and Carley just screamed at every character. I guess that is what I was expecting. We then went to Finding Nemo The Musical. What a great show!! After that, we went to a kids area and they played some midway style games and won some prizes. After lunch we called it a day as I was not feeling well that day. I did have some energy to take the kids on a boat ride on the lake we were next to at our condo.

Day four happened to be my birthday. That night Sandi and I went to Wolfgang Pucks for dinner and then went to La Nouba, a Cirque du Soleil show. Hands down, the BEST production I have ever seen!! I highly recommend it and give it seven out of five stars!!

So, here is the video for days three and four. Enjoy.


5 Responses

  1. Stefan,

    Sounds like one of the most incredible Disney trips ever!! We, here at work, were very glad to know that you were having great family time last week…..

    Praying that you will feel not so ill this week…..!!

  2. Hey Cuz,

    The story about Justin made me laugh . Poor guy , He’s more courageous than me ,I gave up the roller coaster thing right around 33 years of age . You know Stef ,Justin looks so much like you when you were that age . Wow.
    I’m keeping you always in my prayers

    Love ya

  3. Well, Stef, I keep missing you at work. So, this has to be the next best thing.
    Im glad you were able to take time out to spend w/ your family. God is good. He is always in control-even when we arent seeing it.
    I dont have pretty words to say. But, I do want you to know that you have been such an influential person in my life. You have a huge impact on those around you. God has used you in so many ways and is still using you in so many ways, I dont think you’ll ever fully see it. Read Joshua 1:9, if you dont already know it by heart.
    Im praying fervently for you and yours.

  4. Hey Uncle Stef!
    The story about Justin cracked me up.. and I remember going with my aunt and uncle and their 5 kids along with my family to Disney and Abby just screamed at all the characters too! It must be a little girl thing! HAHAH! Well i am so happy for you! Love you guys so much!

  5. I love you guys. God’s many blessings.

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