Wish List vs To Do List…

So I watched some of the series finally of the show “Age of Love” the other night. I watch these shows every once in a while because I love watching human interaction in some unnatural situations, so no comments on my random TV viewing habits.

Anyway, there was one part in the show where the younger gal was talking to the older gal. The younger gal notes that she has a wish list and the older gal probably had a to do list. She explained that she was so young that she wished she could do this and that and she noted that the older gal was at a point where she was no longer wishing, but she is doing things in her life.

Now keep in mind, this is a mindless show, but it got me thinking. Based on my new situation in life, does my wish list turn into a to do list? Then I thought, my wish list should have been a to do list more than a decade ago!! Really, though, I am wrestling with this. Do I begin to check things off my list? In doing so, am I lacking faith in God to put my cancer into remission or cure me completely. Do I just go on through life and get to my list when I can? In doing this, do I short change my family and myself if God chooses to call me home early?

Not sure what to do, but I think I may get to at least a few items on the list! That way, I will have some great memories to share with my kids now and my grandkids when I get old!!


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  1. Hi Stef,

    Jesus told us to occupy until He comes, so I would concentrate on the things you would have been doing anyway in light of the fact that Jesus could come at any moment. What would you like to be caught in the act doing when He comes? His coming for us may even be sooner than anything your cancer has to say about it. But even if not, Jesus said occupy until He comes, whether it be by Rapture or His calling you Home at your own appointed hour (Hebrews 9:27) whatever that may be. Concentrate on delighting yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. Concentrate on walking in the Spirit (Galatians 5) in God’s strength and not your own, and let Him take care of the rest.

    As Pastor has said, God is more concerned about who you are rather than what you do because what you do springs from who you are. (Get a copy of today’s message (Sun 8/12) — I’m guessing you are traveling home from FL.)

  2. Stef,
    I say, check them off and add a bunch of news ones to check off in 20 years!

  3. Hey Stef,

    U know since I found out about you having cancer i have been thinking about you and your family alot. Life can be so crazy to us sometimes. We know that we don’t live forever, but at times we act like we will. We go through everyday life’s routines, with work, our spouse, our kids and everything else that falls in between. We sometimes forget to embrace life as it’s happening. Sometimes we go through life’s motions and whadda ya know ten years or twenty years have passed and you wonder where did the time go. Then things like in your situation with cancer swipes the rug from under our feet and we feel out of life’s routine. Now what? Now we see the sun rising the morning, now we appreciate the new day that God has given us, now we don’t argue about stupid stuff with our spouse or family, now we see a different sparkle in our kids eyes that we may have never noticed before.

    Stef you are a wonderful and strong person. I am so blessed for having to get to know you and you supporting me while I was working and going to school. I don’t know why God has landed this in your lap, along with Sandi, your kids, the rest of your family and friends. I couldn’t possibly know what your going through. I can only imagine. When I have a really bad cold I want it to go away so badly. In about 7 days I know it will go away. I can’t imagine being diagnosed with something and not knowing for sure if it will go away, but wanting it to soooo badly. For now on I will not complain about a stupid cold, when it could be much worse!

    We all should have a ‘to do’ list instead of a ‘wish list.’ Because even if we live to 5 years, 30 years, 90 years or whatever; time flies and we look back wishing. So are you lacking your faith? Absolutely not! Your human. Your scared. Your thinking about your future with your wife and kids. Is this a test of your faith? I’m sure it is. What you can do and what we all can do and just embrace our lives as it happening. Live in the moment. Things are different for you in a sense, because you’ve been diagnosed with something that makes you question whether your time will be cut short, but the rest of us are kind of in the same boat, but we don’t have something in our face that makes us question our time. But it could be my time tomorrow and I’m not diagnosed with cancer.

    So basically what you can do is embrace your family like you never have before. Something we all need to do anyway. Take up yoga. Take up on alternative medicine as well as with the pharmacological aspect of it. With alternative medicine try meditation, but just relaxing and imagining your white blood cells eating up all those stinking cancer cells and as you exhale your blowing all the cancer cells out of your body and imagine that ugly tumor shrinking. I also heard about a great book by Lance Armstrong. I think it called “It’s not about the bike.” Maybe you should check it out.

    Stef I contine to pray for you and your family. God Bless you!


  4. Stef,
    Have you ever heard the song “Live Like You Were Dying”? The main line is “I went sky diving, I went Rocky Mtn climbing, I went 2.7 seconds on a bull named FuManChu. And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter and I gave forgiveness I’d been denying. I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying.” We should all live that way, especially desperate to tell those we love about Christ, so we can see them whenever we all get to heaven. We are praying for you at the Ulrey house during family devotions! Let us know if you guys need ANYTHING! mark and josie ulrey

  5. Stef, I just wanted to let you know that my theme verse for you when I pray is, Luke 4:40 “At sunset, the people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness and laying his hands on each one, he healed them.”

    I am continually bringing you before Jesus for him to lay his hands on you and heal you of this tumor.

    Love, John

  6. Stef,
    To tack onto Peter’s message above. I’d get a copy of the ministry time from Dennis Jernigan last night. His intimacy with the Father washed over the crowd with a healing freshness. He initiated much healing in many lives at many levels last night. His joy in the Lord… made circumstances and surroundings melt away in the focus on the glory of God. Get a copy of ministry of Dennis Jernigan.

    I wouldn’t stop wishing… and I wouldn’t stop doing… that would mean to stop being Stef.

  7. Hey Stef. I believe u said on your last post that your next chemo treatment is this Tuesday. I came across this poem that might be helpful:


    Cancer I did not give you the right,
    To invade my body and take a bite.
    This is my body and with all my might,
    I will prevail with one hell of a fight.
    To the cancer inside, I will battle and kill.
    For that is my body’s God given will.
    To my cancer, these words I do send.
    Your life is short and near the end.

    Hope that helps!

    Love, Qiana

  8. hey man…live it up. I think we should be doing everything we can in life even if there isn’t anything going on.
    You are still in my prayers my friend

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