Kid-isms from vacation…

img_8724.jpgOK, we learned a few things on vacation. I think these are my top two..

From J: He was impressed that the condo door and the outside scream door were the same color (did you catch that). He said the outside SCREAM door. Then he goes on to ask why they are called scream doors when they don’t really scream. Silly Dad, thinking all my life that they were screen doors. What was I thinking.

From Derek: He is smart and knows the proper names for his anatomy. However, on vacation, his brain took a little vacation as well. I am not sure how he got on the subject, but for all of you who thought that the “dots on your chest” were called nipples, you were wrong. They are actually called nimples. Just so you know.

Oh, I almost forgot, Derek thinks J is a petalogical liar as well… That was a new one on me!


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  1. Can’t stop laughing!!

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