Ahh, that was refreshing…

img_8727.jpgWell, we survived another vacation. It was a fantastic, do nothing vacation. We were beach and pool bums for the week and we loved every minute of it. The kids are serious beach bums and loved riding some waves, building some sand sculptures, and just being kids.

We saw some really cool things, such as snails and dolphins. Once we found the first snail, whose shell was about three inches long, the hunt was on. Derek found five over the course of the last two days we were there. Seeing the dolphins was a great treat. There was about six of them about three hundred yards from shore. It was really cool to see them move across the water. The kids really liked seeing some of these animals/fish/whatever in their natural habitats, especially Derek, who is a huge fan of bugs and snakes. The snails were right up his alley.

I really enjoyed re-connecting with my kids. Life gets in the way of life and I hate that, so it was good to spend some one-on-one time with them. Derek and I spent some time boarding and playing paddle ball. J and I spent some time jumping waves and building a sand volcano. Carley warmed up to the beach after a few days. We found out that she is more of a pool gal. Sandi got her to jump off the side of the pool and that was one of her favorite activities.

So, we are back and I am ready to plug back in and get some posting done. I will have some pics up soon, but I am having a little trouble with my ftp site. So stay tuned for some pics and I am happy to be back!!


One Response

  1. Glad to have you back. Even more glad that you got a chance to get away for a spell.

    Emma HATES the beach. Scares her to death. She screams when anyone goes near it.

    Welcome back. Looking forward to the posts!

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