I got tagged, AGAIN!!!

So my buddy, Aaron, over at Arms Wide Open, tags me to list 8 random things! So, in no particular order:

1. I have ridden a bike off of a garage roof. Don’t ask.

2. I grew up listening to 50s and 60s music (thanks to my Dad) and I still enjoy it to this day!

3. I would love to write a book one day. The problem is that I am not sure what I would really write about and I am not sure I have focus enough to do that.

4. I have Greek heritage and would love to get to Greece for a visit with family over there.

5. I loved hunting and fishing as a child and would like to pass this on to my kids. Many memories of hinting and fishing with grandpa and dad.

6. Yes, I like rap music. Both old school and some new stuff.

7. I traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina during my senior year of college. I performed puppet shows for some vacation bible schools down there. Yep, nothing like an American performing a Spanish speaking puppet show!

8. I have never been snow skiing.

So, I will keep the tag going and tag my friends: Russell, Rindy, David, and Jason.


3 Responses

  1. Just got back from vacation and noticed this. I’ll jump on this very soon!

    (348 still unread in my RSS….)

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