I am really bummed…

Actually, that is short selling it. I am just plain out right not happy, but I am just being selfish. Denny, who is the pastor of adult ministries at our church, is leaving. I am not happy about this at all, but it is not like I have any control over this. I miss him already and he is not gone yet (July 1st will be his last Sunday with us). If we cannot have Denny, then no one can is what I am thinking. I am soooo wrong in feeling this way. Denny is an incredible person, pastor, teacher, leader, mentor, master joke teller, and friend. He is leaving us and is waiting on God’s direction. What, you say, waiting on God’s direction? Yes. At this time he does not know where he may end up. WOW!! Talk about getting out of the boat and having faith!! I am not sure I could do what he is doing, but he is comforted in knowing that God is leading him to new and exciting places. We will miss you very much, Denny. We will not forget how you have impacted lives and we will pray for you as you embark on your new journey!


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