Bike Ramps Rule…

Well, Derek started skateboard camp today. To prepare for camp, he wanted me to build a skate ramp for him. Not really wanting to build him a true skate ramp, I just put together your basic beginners ramp for him. So he puts it our on the sidewalk and says that he doesn’t want to ride his skateboard over it. He thinks it is more of a bike ramp, so he grabs his bike and goes at it. In a flash, Justin and a neighbor friend of ours were quickly on their bikes as well. Here is a short clip of some of the serious air that the kids were catching. Enjoy.


9 Responses

  1. Excellent! Tony Hawk look out. Tony Hawk might be old school, but he’s the only sk8tr boy (Avril Lavigne Reference) that I know.

    “She turns on TV, guess who she sees. Sk8tr boy rockin’ up MTV”.

    “He was a sk8tr boy, she said see you later boy. He wasn’t good enough for her. Now he’s a super star, slammin on his guitar”

    Sorry…..I had a moment, but I am fine now. Great video work. Good luck with sk8tr camp…

  2. Sorry, one more thing…..

    Any chance I can bring my bike and grab a little air too? I’m sure that would look hot. What with the child rocket seat on the back and all. Lovely….

  3. OK, I am on the floor laughing as I picture you on your three speed and kiddie seat on the back doing a tailwhip!! SWEET!!

    Way to slip in the Avril Lavigne reference. Rock on!!

  4. Now THAT is why God made dads.

  5. Way to go DAD!! Lovin it!!

  6. nice… skater camp sounds fun… what day do they teach “introduction to tattoos” or “the chemistry of common drugs”? just a concerned neighbor 🙂

  7. Ha sweet post. Side note….Send your oder and mailing address to so we can place your order. Also we have a new shirt up. Also the price of the shirts went down. Also have a nice day!

  8. Living in a house with three boys…it’s all bigger and wilder from here! I once walked out of my house to find my then 7 year old youngest son at the top of our playground slide with his rollerblades on and a skateboard ramp at the bottom! When I asked him what he thought he was doing, he promptly replied, “It’s ok, Mom, I have my helmet on”. To which his older brother, then 10 piped in, “Yeah, the rollerblades work better than the bike”!! Good luck with the daredevil!! 😉

  9. Hey, Rindy, thanks for stopping by. Just hit your site last week as a result of the parenting series that you are a part of with Aaron and Paul. Keep up the great posts on your site. I know I will be visiting often.

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