It’s Safety Town Week

Safety Town you ask. It is a rite of passage in Hilliard. It is offered to kids that are going into kindergarten. Here is some info from the City of Hilliard site:

Safety Town

In existence since 1990, Safety Town is a five day summer program where children learn basic rules of pedestrian and traffic safety, fire prevention, school bus safety, poison/substance avoidance, animal safety, water safety and personal safety. Approximately 240 preschool children learn to make wise decisions in potentially dangerous situations and learn to respond in emergency situations. Students learn pedestrian safety by tricycling about a miniature village, complete with streets, sidewalks, buildings, stop signs, and a working traffic signal.

Safety Town is a cooperative effort between the Hilliard Police Department, Norwich Township Fire Department, and Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department. Certified teachers instruct the children in a classroom setting, while police officers and fire fighters teach their respective areas of expertise.

Our second son, J, has been attending Safety Town this week. Older brother, Derek, went through it a few years ago. It is a really great idea and the boys have loved it. It is never too early to teach your kids about all of these safety topics and Safety Town does it in such a fun way.

Have a SAFE summer!!


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  1. What a great way to educate kids and make them feel part of the community! I will have to look into this in our area!

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