Blog of the Month –> Spotlight is on..

I read and follow more than a few blogs. Some on are my blog roll. Others are not and not sure why. Guess I need to fix that. Anyway, many of these bloggers are writing/doing/experiencing some great things. So, I am officially kicking off the blog of the month here at Stef’s Random Ramblings. So, my first blog of the month is:

Your Lucky Day!” and author John DeMarco. Here is a summary on John:

My wife and kids are my greatest treasure. I love routine but crave adventure. I’m a rich man trapped in a poor man’s life. I love Jesus (although I too often treat Him like a distant friend). I feel most alive when I’m traveling to some place new. Barnes and Noble is my drug pusher. I wish I could live at… Disney World. I think General Tso’s Chicken is the best (but orange flavored chicken at Panda Express is a close second). I’m currently a graduate student at Lindenwood University in their Counseling program. I spend too much time blogging and reading blogs.

John is a solid Christian guy and a fellow contributor to He has just finished up a drive to California with friend of his. You need to check out his pics from his trip! He loves his wife and kids and a close third is his love of the outdoors.

Swing by and check out his site. You will be amused, challenged, and hooked. This is one you need to subscribe to.

Blog on, John!!


3 Responses

  1. John Rocks.

  2. Wow, thanks Stef. I feel honored.

  3. Like Aaron said, You Rock, dude. Keep it up!!

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