My wife rocks!!

Ok, I need and WANT to give some huge kudos to my awesome wife!! Why would I want to do this, you ask. Well, let’s take a look at the last few days of my life.

Friday – not working. Have a friend in from Boston. Said friend, another buddy from town, and myself take in about five hours of the Memorial Tournament. After that, we go hit 18 at Brookside Golf and CountryClub. After golfing well, I go home to my wife and kids for a few hours then off to dinner. Took my wife and met earlier noted friends for dinner at Oscar’s.

Saturday – get up and meet buddies for another round of golf. This time at Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club. After letting the course get to me and only shooting fairly, we go back to the Memorial Tournament. The tournament is in a rain delay when we arrive, so we head on home. So I get home and we take the kids out for a fun Mexican dinner.

Sunday – off to church. Upon returning home, we eat a great Sandi cooked meal and lounge for a little while. Then our niece watches our kids while Sandi and I go out to dinner and a movie. Saw the third installment of Pirates. I will post on the movie later.

So, why does my wife rock, you ask? Well did my weekend rock? YES. How many guys get to do a weekend like this while their wife takes care of three kids all day. Not many, I would guess. At least not many guys would get to do this without a deal being struck or something along those lines.  I love the relationship that Sandi and I have.  We love to spend time together with the family, but we also know the value of having some time with good friends and doing things we like to as individuals.

Babe, I love you, and thanks for a great weekend with some friends, family and YOU!


2 Responses

  1. How did you swing that!!!

  2. I have connections and, like I said, my wife ROCKS!!!

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