Tarzan to the Rescue!

This was our first weekend in I don’t know how long, we had free. No baseball games, no soccer games, no other events to keep us from YARD WORK!! This weekend, we tackled the flower beds and mulching. I must say, the finished product does look good! During the weekend, I kept hitting my head on some low hanging branches of some trees in my yard. It was driving me nuts. So, I get the saw and start hacking away.

During the investigation of one branch that I was eying up for potential dismemberment, I was bending the branch down. To my surprise, one of my boys snatched it from me. He proceeds to start swinging from it like it was a vine. I started to laugh and then took a trip down memory lane. I remember swinging from vines as a little kid and I loved it. So I let them have some fun. I hope this tree branch swing will give them a few days of fun, before I have to cut ‘er down!!

Here is a little video of today’s fun.


2 Responses

  1. I love it. Way to go dad.

  2. Hey I have some trees in my back yard that could use some work. Any chance your boys aren’t busy this weekend? That’s great stuff. Those are fun weekends.

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