The Graduate

Today was a day of celebration in our house. Today, Justin graduated from pre-school. I don’t every remember graduating from pre-school, but it is a big deal. J had the pleasure of going to pre-school as a peer model in the Hilliard City School pre-school program. In this program are mild to severely developmentally delayed kids. As a peer model, J was on of three kids in the class that do not have any learning disabilities.  The three peer models are used to assist the other children and help them to learn certain behaviors and actions that would be expected of a child that age.  It was great to have J in a program like this to help assist in the learning process with these developmentally delayed children.

So today was the big day!! He graduated and is now the big kindergartener!! We are proud and we love you, J!!

img_4392-2.jpg img_4411.jpg


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to Justin! For every obstacle we have to hurdle in life, our character and faith grow stronger! For we are fearfully and wonderfully made! God bless him!

  2. Rock on Justin!

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