Grand Opening –

I would be remiss not to publish this post. God works in people. God works in groups of people. There is no better place to be or thing to do than to be in the middle of God’s works and plans.

To that end, I wold like to introduce a new site that is up and running on the web. “A Complete 180” is now open for your viewing pleasure. I have not been excited and energized about something like this in a very long time! This site is written by Christian men, men who have done a 180. Men who share a common burden for this site and sharing thoughts on anything from movies, sports, Christianity, faith, family, current events, whatever! The posts will be fresh and will show that Christian men do have a pulse and that we struggle with the same things that all men do. You can learn more about what this site is by reading our mission statement. We don’t know where this will lead, or what God has in store. We just want to share what is on our hearts and from our perspectives.

Men, this site is for you. Ladies, tell your husband, father, son and others about this site. Please pass this site address along ( ). We have some phenomenal contributors that have much to say. As my good friend, Aaron, said, “…miss a day, and you might miss alot!”

We hope you enjoy this site and our prayer is that God will work through us and that this site may even cause a few men to do a 180!


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