Can you put a price on Mom?

Well, it’s out. The new price tag on stay-at-home moms. You can read the story here. The said salary of the stay at home mother is now at $138,095. Let’s file this under ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Someone slaps a couple job titles down and looks at some median salaries, and POOF, you have a salary for a stay at home mom.

No, this is wrong. I will say that they did capture most of the things that a mom does, but how do you put a price tag on companion? How do you put a price tag on the mother/child bond?

Moms, you rock!! It’s a nice idea to try to put a price tag on what you do, but they will never get it. Your work has no price tag, it truly is PRICELESS!!

I love my wife. I do let her know that. I appreciate what my wife does, day in and day out, without complaining. I do not let her know that as much as I need to. My wife is my rock and I do not want to chip away at that rock. Every opportunity I miss to let her know how much I appreciate her, a little chip of that rock falls away. As I posted on another blog, I want to be the best husband and father I can be. Making sure that my wife feels loved and appreciated is a big part of being a great husband.

So, moms, we do love you and appreciate you! You are priceless to all of us.


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