Do I have to…

Depending on your point of view, you read this title and thought that a good kid story was to follow. Well, you are wrong, kind of. Depends on the size of the kid. Yes, my kids do say this, but so do I.

I don’t consider myself healthy, but I am no slouch either. I used to work out, randomly and sporadically. I coach soccer and baseball. I golf and mow the lawn. All of this is exercise, right!?!? Evidently not. A good friend of mine, who I used to workout with, decides that we need to get back into the exercise routine. So, he calls me and says, “Let’s start running, you in?” Well, I say yes. In my mind I am saying, DO I HAVE TO!!!! Yes, I have to. Let’s face it, I am not reversing the affects of age, so I need to. So, we get up at dawn and go for a short three mile run. For those of you laughing right now and are thinking that three miles is no big deal and that you can do that in your sleep, you can kindly move to the next blog! For those of us who are not in shape, three miles is an event!

Anyway, thanks, Clay, for lighting the fire again and yes, I have to!!


2 Responses

  1. boy that guy sounds like a good friend.

  2. I admire your efforts – I recently joined a local YMCA with my wife and have started back exercising after a long break. I have been doing circuit training, which seems to be a good way to get back into working out. Of course, running is probably about the easiest way to get started on some kind of workout – plus, no membership needed.

    I collect workout articles and ebook info and post them on my blog, if you’re interested:

    Best of everything to you 🙂


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