Well, it happened…

I knew it would, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon (after all Derek is only in second grade and Justin is in preschool)! We got TP’d! Yes, last night some “visitors” come over to our front yard with what seemed like 50 rolls of toilet paper. Although I am not too happy about this, I am proud of them. They did such a great job! They not only decorated the trees, like every TPer does, they went further. They wrapped the mailbox, completely. They wrapped tree trunks, completely. They wrapped the bushes, the basketball post and hoop, and they wrapped the yard light!! If I were to TP someone, this is the way I would do it.

On our way home from church this morning, I prepped the boys for the clean up task ahead of us. They were excited to help clean up and we are all charged up to tackle the toilet paper that awaited our return. Upon on arrival home, we were met by neighbors and the neighborhood kids. They had cleaned up everything!! Well, everything except the tops of the trees. We will let mother nature and her wind and rain take care of those last few pieces. I would like to publicly thank all of the neighbors and kids for their help in cleaning up our front yard artwork!

For what it is worth, here are some pics of the last remaining stragglers.


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