Youth soccer rocks!!

Derek had another indoor soccer game tonight. Great game for the Sharks FC team. They won 8 to 1 and played very well. Derek played another fantastic game. Two goals tonight and a couple assists and stellar defense. A whopping zero players got past him tonight. He also put on another dribbling clinic on this team. He is not quite to the level of Ronaldinho (the greatest soccer player inhabiting the earth at this point) but he is getting there.

Yes, I am a proud father and coach. I have the privilege of being able to coach both Derek and Justin in their youth soccer leagues. It has been a great ride for me as well as them. It is exciting to see them develop and grow in the sport. Derek has some innate soccer skills and I really enjoy watching him play. I also appreciate his respect and love of the game right now. I hope that he continues to respect and love the game throughout his life.

I do have to say that I am anxious to see how Justin’s relationship with the game grows. This spring will be his second season and it is an adventure to watch these little guys play! It is four on four, beehive soccer. Every once in a while, there is a break away, but mostly just chaos on the field.

So here’s to you, weekend warrior coaches and players!! Keep the sport alive and keep us entertained!!


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