It’s a good tired…

Well, it is late on a Saturday night and what is a guy to do. I guess blogging is not the most exciting thing to do on a Saturday night, but hey, the kids and some work kept me busy today and I am tired. It is a good tired; a tired that my phenomenal wife, Sandi, bears everyday. Why am I tired you ask…

You see, Sandi was scrapbooking. It’s a gal thing. They all lug 100 lbs. of pictures, paper, markers, supplies, and the cell phone to a local shop. They then indulge in laying out these wonderful stories about their families and children, well, mostly the children. They weave together pictures and paper to produce these tapestries that are priceless. She needed today. She needed girl time. She needed to recharge.

I get to involve myself in many things that take me out of the home at times. School committee meetings, coaching the boys’ soccer teams, community functions, and the list goes on. Sandi is a stay at home mother and I don’t appreciate that enough, nor do I thank her enough for what she “endures” everyday. Kids are not easy. Managing the home is not easy. Transporting the kids is not easy. Her list goes on longer than mine. She gets tired and so do I. Guys, be in tune with your wife. Know that she is working harder than you are. They need to recharge and this benefits everyone.


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