On Sunday, December 21st at 12:27, Stefan Tarapchak went home to be with the Lord. He fought so bravely to beat his cancer. Our comfort comes in knowing that he is now cancer free in Heaven. He was an amazing husband and father. This site is dedicated to the memory of Stefan and the thoughts and posts of his wife Sandi Tarapchak. You will find the most recent posts by Sandi on the her blog or read Stef’s posts (HERE). You will also find the archives of Stef’s entire journey in the sidebar. Above are tabs for the blog, cancer connection and a page dedicated to the funeral service for Stefan.

While we all share in the sorrow that Stefan has gone home to be with his Lord and Savior, we rejoice in the hope and healing that comes from knowing he is now in Heaven. Thank you for visiting the site. Please feel free to leave a comment, or your memories of Stefan in the comment box below.


12 Responses

  1. I didn’t know Stef personally, but found his blog last year and faithfully read, prayed and believed for his healing. I know that he is now completely whole and although, I know this transition is difficult for those he left behind, we rejoice that one day we will all be in the presence of our Savior and reunited again. I am praying for Sandi and thier precious children. Blessings to your precious family~

  2. I am so glad you are keeping this site! I always loved getting to see what Stef had to say and it always made me think. I know I will be on here often to just get a little piece of him:) LOL

  3. I worked with him at Columbus Children’s Hospital and I’m just finding out about him going home to be with the Lord. This site is a wonderful tribute to a great man. In the short time I worked with him, I learned so much from him.

    I pray that you continue to hold on to God’s unchanging hand. I will remember you and the children in prayer. Thanks too, for keeping this site.

  4. I just today came across this blog while Googling for images for Colon Cancer Awareness Month. Anyway, I am now 2-1/2 hours later sitting here at my computer with tears streaming down my face.

    I obviously did not know Stef personally, but I feel terribly saddened. My father passed away three months ago after his brief, but courageous battle with colon cancer. (BTW – that is the reason I was Googling for Colon Cancer….) We are just now launching a website in his honor at http://www.thelabyrinthpath.com/wp/

    I feel honored to have come across this site and read about Stefan. Peace be with you.

  5. Sandi,
    Such a wonderful gift from Stef to you! When I read your blog this morning, it made my heart sing. Now you will be wearing a constant reminder of Stef’s love for you. May God Bless You and Your Family.

  6. Sandi,
    Congratulations on your accomplishments! You should be so proud of yourself with every step you take. I look forward to reading your messages of hope and faith, you keep me going in our battle with Brandy’s breast cancer. May God bless you and your family with a wonderful summer.


  7. Hi Sandi,

    In August I’ll be riding in Pelotonia, the new bike tour benefiting cancer research at the James. My brother posted a link to my donor page on Facebook and one of his friends made a gift in memory of Stef. While I appreciate her financial support, she gave me an even more meaningful gift – she shared the reason for her gift and your family’s story. I found Stef’s blog and just wanted you to know that I’ll be praying for you and your kids as I train and ride.

    God bless,

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLEY! I remember the day when your dad told me that he and you mommy were going to have another child and it was going to be a girl! He was so happy but said he didn’t know anything about girls, only boys. I told him that you would steal his heart and would be his best friend! He would have the closest relationship with you and never want to let you grow up, but always be “his little girl”. He was so proud of you and your brothers!


    God Bless, Linda

  9. Family of Stef,
    Thank you for keeping this site going. Remembering Stef and your family this Christmas.
    God bless,
    Kevin Murachanian
    Cedarville University, ’93

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  12. There isn’t a day that goes by that I do not remember Stef and Kevin and Jerry. This site has helped me many times. I currently have a dear friend who has stage 4 lung and brain cancer. I always return to this site for inspiration. Thank you so very much for being here for me. Pam Foust

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